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Don’t worry about the nitty gritty of bookkeeping. Running your business is tough enough as it is. Let us handle the stress of finance. 

Small Business Owners Trust Accu Dart's Bookkeeping

Payroll, Invoicing, & More

Accounts payable, accounts receivable, whatever it may be, make sure your books are kept up to date. Let us keep track of whats coming in and going out, as well keeping your payroll running smoothly. 

Reporting & Audits

Get an accurate representation of your business performances. Find out where your highest profit margins lie and capitalize as well as which areas are underperforming. Trust us with your finance and reap the benefits. 

A Human Bookkeeper

Automation is great but there’s no better feeling than that personal, humanized approach. Accu Dart Bookkeeping  prides itself in bringing a warm element to finance. Outsource your business’ bookkeeping needs to someone who values your trust. 

What You get with Accu Dart's Bookkeeping Outsourced Services

Dedicated, Professional Bookkeeper

Your business needs an accounting team with a real human face to work with on a day-to-day basis. Accu Dart Bookkeeping understands how important trust is in this dynamic. Our authentic approach will help secure your company’s finances. 

Communication That Suits Your Needs

Communication is crucial to building a trusting professional relationship. Whether you need monthly, weekly or more frequent meetings, t Accu Dart Bookkeeping is honored to be able to meet your needs. Whatever plan you choose, whatever medium you prefer, know that we’ll work with you to simplify the process. 

Next Level Experience

Every professional knows some problems require a higher level of experience. Even simple bookkeeping issues can be streamlined by outsourcing your problems to a more seasoned hand. Accu Dart’s Bookkeeping and experience are tailored for small business needs and are customized for each individual need. 

Round the Clock Access

Outsourcing your bookkeeping needs means your books need to be a few clicks away. Get the latest data from your company’s finances to provide an accurate and live time look at your business. This means a transparent view into your finances to get a real look at how you stand. 


“Ms. Colella walked into a situation where our books were extremely behind due to our bookkeeper retiring. She immediately took control of the situation and in a short period of time has us completely up to date. Ms. Colella is extremely professional, her work ethic is remarkable and she is a great asset to our company.”

-Wiederhold, Moses, Kummerlen, & Waronicki, PA.

“As the primary bookkeeper for our firm, Debbie has been highly valuable. She has: (1) kept all of our books in order, (2) answered any and all of our questions with accuracy and professionalism; and (3) taken the time to explain the process so we, as business owners, fully understand where we stand financially.”

- Thomas “TJ” LaFramboise, Esquire LaFramboise & Glusky, PL

"We hired Accu Dart Bookkeeping Inc. in November of 2016 and Deb Colella jumped right in and provided subject matter expertise and deep experience in QuickBooks to get us organized and compliant with local and state policies for a non-profit organization. Their performance has been of high quality and always timely."

-Brad Stitt, Treasurer, Palms West Presbyterian Church

“As you know working with a home owners association can be challenging. Books are often reviewed in a charged and emotional environment. Our association, fortunately has Accu Dart Bookkeeping Incorporation to address our bookkeeping needs. Within a short period of time Accu Dart Booking addressed almost two decades of financial bookkeeping neglect and assisted us in our first successful audit. Debbie’s professionalism is unparalleled. Her work is always timely, accurate and well organize. Additionally, she has substantial “people” skills. I have seen her converse with elected members of the Stonegate Home Owners Association and the gardener with equal ease and charm.”

-Mike Pinkney President Stonegate Home Owners Association HOA/ARB

About us 
Accu Dart Bookkeeping Inc. provides accounting, bookkeeping, and financial services while maintaining an accurate, affordable, & available business model that results in an individualized approach for each client – a true personal approach to business. 

Serving businesses nationwide, with offices in Orlando, Martin and Palm Beach County.

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